Debbi Nissman Young, President
(617) 921-7774
How do you create a culture where people enjoy coming to work, collaborate to make exciting things happen and take pride in their company's results? How do you become the company sought by customers and vendors alike?

Whether you are building a new business or revitalizing a hundred-year old one, your company's culture will define who you are and how things get done.

Yes, you can create a winning culture, but it does not happen overnight. Esprit Consulting works closely with senior executives and involves all levels of an organization to:

  • Develop a shared vision of the future
  • Understand and feel a connection to the company's goals and objectives
  • Identify existing and desired core values
  • Honestly assess how things get done
  • Prioritize issues and opportunities and develop actions to address them
  • Generate ownership and commitment throughout an organization