Debbi Nissman Young, President
(617) 921-7774
We are often asked what makes our offsites so successful. It is really quite simple. We take the time to get to know our clients and their business. Every client is unique and the challenges facing groups vary at different moments in time. Spending time to understand your business, culture and the issues facing participants contributes exponentially to the value of the meeting.

By understanding your objectives, getting to know your organization and asking the right questions, we can zero in on the most important topics to discuss. In capturing the essence, we can create an agenda that "hits home" and enables participants to engage in the process and commit to the outcomes.

We believe in planning with built-in flexibility. Offsite meetings are often scheduled months in advance and things change. We work collaboratively to develop an agenda that will tackle the high priority topics in an interesting, interactive and engaging way. The agenda is fast-paced, but allows for extra time should a discussion warrant it or a new priority emerge.

We handle the details so that the client executive can be fully involved in the meeting. From selecting the right facility to organizing the cocktail reception and guest speakers, the executive can remained focused on contributing ideas and interacting with other participants.

Great ideas can get lost if there is not appropriate commitment and follow-up. We provide key slides, photos and charts from your meeting and create a strategy to make sure that there is appropriate follow-up and follow-through. And we keep in touch because after all of this time together, we have established a relationship!