Debbi Nissman Young, President
(617) 921-7774
You have a great group of individuals on your team. Are they working together optimally and getting results? For new teams, new leaders, teams in transition, senior teams or the front line, investing in a two day offsite will bring your organization to a new level of performance.

Themes can include:
  • Building relationships and trust
  • Appreciating the background, role and contribution that each person brings to the team
  • Getting the "real issues" on the table and openly talking about what each person can do individually and what the team can do collectively to address these issues
  • Learning how to give and receive feedback to enhance the way team members interact with each other
  • Feeling proud about being a part of the group and excitement about what the team can accomplish together
  • Making both individual and team commitments
Group sizes can range from six to sixty.